Some Quotes from Maxim Friends:


• I am eternally grateful for your warmth and caring as a human being. I am amazed at the mark that you have left on Maxim and the many people you trained and mentored over the decades.

Pirooz Parvarandeh 



• …without your leadership in so many areas the company would not have flourished the way it  has…

Dave Fullagar



• I feel so lucky to have learned from Ziya during that time. All of the books he read  (and he read a lot!) and all that he learned through his own experience, he passed down to us. Ziya is one of the most creative people I have worked with---it is rare to have systematic, logical, engineering mind coupled with “out of the box” creative thinking.  

Partima Rao



• Your real passion was in setting business strategy and planning, methodology, merchandising and teaching. This is where you really shined… Teaching the next generation of business managers the tricks of the trade and developing them into great leaders of today.  

Tunc Doluca



• Several people who were recruited by Ziya to Maxim, remembered this one question he asked them during their interview: “If I gave you a roll of tape and told you only the diameter of the tape, how would you go about determining how much tape the roll held without actually unrolling it.” For Ziya how you thought, how you solved problems was what mattered.  

Dave Mazzia 



• Working for you at Maxim, I learned what it means to be the kind of employee that is a “team player, not just an employee. Working for the whole group, not for the one. Working to make everyone in the group want to improve and thus the whole team succeeds. You truly are the best of the best and I hope your former employees know how much you cared for them, and how much you always had their back, and how you went to bat for them no matter what.

Marilyn Pond



• My message is simple: you exemplify integrity, strength, and respect for all others and in all circumstances.  

Brian Necas



• Eleven reasons Ziya is a special friend and one of my heroes:  

1) Ziya is very kind and caring to everyone.        

2) Ziya is calm but very determined.        

3) Ziya is quiet but influential.        

4) Ziya leads by example.        

5) Ziya is courageous.        

6) Ziya values his family and friends beyond all else.        

7) Ziya touches us all in his way with people and sets and example for us all.        

8) Ziya is funny and enjoys a good laugh.        

9) Ziya met and married Nakiye- together they have impacted the world.                

10) Ziya once again showed us dignity and strength over these last few months.        

11) Ziya will live on in all of us. 

Mike Byrd



Thanks to many others who shared their thoughts about Ziya with us.

They will be added in the months to come.